Jul.14.17 at 05:47 pm

To celebrate our first Greta X Dr. U Patreon-exclusive, I'm offering 50% Greta statues for $5 and up Patreon backers this month!


Jun.20.17 at 09:13 pm

Howdy folks!  I'm offering a special bonus for Patreon backers this June.  Anyone who backs at the $5+ level will get e-books 1 & 2 for free!  It's a June-only deal, so check it out today!


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May.22.17 at 07:37 am

Hi Folks,


We're expanding into Light Novels!  I've teamed up with Silent Sheppard, who has graciously written a story about London and Minerva.  Illustrations are by Pablo Rey, who is also doing art for the NSFW Patreon chapters.  This is an experiement of sorts, let us know how you like it!

May.16.17 at 07:48 pm

Hey folks!  Thanks so much for funding our Patreon!  We've done so well that we're expanding into new projects, along with the Patreon-exclsuive NSFW chapters, we're doing a light novel!  


Please check it out:

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