Apr.26.16 at 07:39 pm

Hey gang, we're finally doing it!  Fernando Furukawa will be handling art duties, he's the artist behind Issue 7 and Issue 11.


I'm still debating how we'll produce the comic.  I love the webcomic format, but it'd be very cool to see it on comic book shelves as well.  I'm even considering doing it as a Patreon-only comic.  We'll be posting our concept sketches on Patreon first.


Songbird and I will be at Calgary Comic Expo, in the Vendor's hall at D09, and taking a much-needed vacation after.  Spinnerette will return on May 11th.

Apr.23.16 at 07:49 pm

Spinnerette has always been a text-heavy comic.  This started because of a simple, hard, truth:  I could barely afford to make the comic.  Before the Kickstarters and book sales, Rocio's page rate came out of my pocket.  I would write  a script, then cram it into as few pages as possible to keep costs down.  A few years later the comic is generally self-sufficient, but I was stuck in my old habits of keeping it dense.


This drives Rocio nutss.  The page that was finally the breaking point was Swiss Customs in the Silver crossover.  There are, count 'em, 23 word balloons on one page!  Half of her lovely art is hidden!


With Issue 23, The Cure, I set out to do a more visual storytelling style.  Text is sparser, and what would previously be a page is now about 1.5 pages.  The story is told by the art, even if there weren't any words at all, it'd still mostly make sense.


The best example of visual storytelling I've read is Iron Man: Extremis by Warren Ellis.  It is intensely sparse,some pages have less than a dozen words on the entire page.  It's most famous for being source material for Iron Man films 1 and 3, but it really deserves to be known for just how visual it is.



Apr.20.16 at 07:20 am

Welcome to the new site!  Many thanks to Erin at Hiveworks for the redesign!

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