Jun.15.16 at 07:37 am

Sorry gang, running a little late today.  The comic will return Monday.

Jun.09.16 at 10:21 pm

Hey folks, we've just wrapped up fulfilling all of our Kickstarter orders, which means we're now offering Book 5 and the Mecha Maid statue in the shop!



May.31.16 at 09:33 pm

I'm afraid I won't be at A-kon this year, but you can still get Spinnerette books from White Lightning Productions in the Vendor's Hall!  They'll be at V331-332.

May.18.16 at 07:41 am

Sorry about the late page gang, Rocio is flying out today for Acen, and we slipped schedule with all the prep.  We do have inks for the next two pages, we'll be back on track Monday.

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