Thanks so much gang, we've hit our funding target!  Now on to the fun part, the stretch goals!  We're partnering with Number  1 Spinnerette fan Waterwriter to do some cosplay photo shoots!  She's made Spinnerette costumes in the past, but this extra funding will cover a professional photo shoot, and upgraded costume pieces!


Ever wanted to dance with a giant purple spider?  Get your Mega Ms. Webby today on the Kickstarter!

Hiveworks recently redid the backend of the website.  If you have an issue with the navigation arrows not showing up, hold ctrl + f5 to reload the page.
Howdy folks!  We'll be posting Issue #2 of White Heron, starting on Monday the 19th!  I'm really thrilled to get back to White Heron.  It's been a long time in the works to get issue #2, but I hope you'll agree it was worth the wait.
Sorry for the late/incomplete comics lately, folks.  It's been a bit of a struggle getting back on task after the holidays.

We'll be posting a White Heron chapter next, to give us time to build a Spinnerette buffer.

In the mean time, here's Spinny Gravity :)
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