Sep.10.17 at 08:25 pm

Howdy folks, that was the last page of the Light Novel!  The regular comic will be back this week.

Songbird and I are in Korea this week, researching for the White Heron series.  I'll be posting about it on Facebook!

Aug.09.17 at 07:41 pm

Sorry about the mix up, here's the corrected page.

Aug.08.17 at 08:26 pm

Keep an eye on your mailboxes, folks!  Rewards from the White Heron Kickstarter are now shipping!


Once we've fulfilled all our pledges, we'll make White Heron available in the store.

Jul.14.17 at 05:47 pm

To celebrate our first Greta X Dr. U Patreon-exclusive, I'm offering 50% Greta statues for $5 and up Patreon backers this month!


Jun.20.17 at 09:13 pm

Howdy folks!  I'm offering a special bonus for Patreon backers this June.  Anyone who backs at the $5+ level will get e-books 1 & 2 for free!  It's a June-only deal, so check it out today!


Tags: patreon
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